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Launch That Business

Equipping Entrepreneurs with what they need to Launch and Thrive 

This 10-week offering is designed as a “Fast Track” business course for micro entities with home-based or small businesses. It will give entrepreneurs practical steps to register their businesses, making them a legal entity, as well as tips and tools to maintain their businesses. Through this course, participants will attend classes, complete assignments, and receive one-on-one mentorship from an SBDC Small Business Advisor to help them achieve their goal of opening or expanding a business.

Classes will meet for 1-2 hours weekly for 10 weeks. The first hour will consist of a lesson/training. These lessons are catered to ensure the participants gain practical knowledge they can use. Each week a different topic will be covered (topics are explained in more detail below). The second hour will be for working, meeting with the mentors/advisors, and asking questions. Participants will work on the things discussed or other goals they have set for the class if they have already completed that step.

Flexible Learning! Choose your preferred mode: in-person, virtual, or hybrid. We cater to your needs. Designed to work even with limited resources benefiting from cost-effective tools and programs. Ready to turn your business aspirations into reality? Join us for ‘Launch That Business’ and take the fast track to entrepreneurial success! For more information about the event call 618-536-2424.

In-person location to be held at 1740 Innovation Dr, Carbondale. Times for next cohort TBA for 2024.


Ideal candidates for this course

  • Already have a “business but not yet registered with the state
  • Already have an idea and are ready to file for LLC or become a Sole proprietor 
  • Just started their LLC but need next steps
  • Product and service-based businesses


  • Participants must be at least 18 years old or attend the course with a parent or guardian who will register the business in their name.
  • Participants must have a business idea or an existing business

Application Process:

  • Those interested in this program will complete an online application 
  • Complete a feasibility checklist. Participants do not need to know all the answers to these questions yet, the idea is that they have begun to think about these items. This can be completed with the assistance of an SBDC advisor.

Those who meet the criteria will be selected for an interview (those who don't will be referred for one on one counseling)

Program Requirements

Applicant must make satisfactory progress to receive credit for this course. This includes:

  • Attending all sessions or making arrangements to get missed information to complete assignments
  • Complete all assigned tasks by completion of the program.

Program Agenda

  • Week 1 – Planning: Participants will hear about the purpose of creating a business plan. They will hear information about how to write a business plan and must complete one by the end of this course.
  • Week 2 - Formation: Participants will learn about entity types, EIN, sales tax, and business banking. If the participant does not have these things in place, they start the process during this class and complete it by the conclusion of the course.
  • Week 3 – Financials: Participants will learn how to manage their business finances, track profit/loss, banking, budgeting, and the importance of an accountant. They will also learn to better understand their credit score and how to be more bankable. Participants will create a budget for their business, create a budget for how they will utilize funds, and create a system to keep track of their expenses and income.
  • Week 4 – Organization: Participants will create a system for storing files, record keeping, and bookkeeping
  • Week 5 - On the Web: Participants will register their business with Google, learn how to create and manage a website, and how to navigate various social media platforms. They will also learn about SEO and some steps they can take to make their business searchable.