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Professional celebrating SBDC Day

SBDC Day - March 20, 2024

Join us for a dynamic day of celebration on National SBDC Day! Start your morning with insightful workshops designed to empower small businesses with valuable knowledge and strategies for success. Engage in lively discussions during our afternoon panels, where seasoned professionals share their experiences, highlighting both the triumphs and challenges of entrepreneurship. Enjoy a captivating keynote address over lunch, followed by a wrap-up presentation spotlighting the invaluable support provided by SBDCs. Let’s come together to celebrate our achievements and the resilience of small businesses everywhere.

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Power of Planning - Morning Session (9am - 12pm)

9:00 am Strategies for Starting Small and Scaling Up

Discover strategies for starting small and scaling up your business through techniques to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth in today's competitive marketplace.

10:00 am Do You Really Know Your Numbers?

Gain clarity and confidence in your business finances. Learn practical strategies to build a comprehensive financial picture of your business, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive sustainable growth.

11:00 am Mastering the Maze: Marketing and the Power of Planning

Unlock the secrets to navigating the modern marketing maze at our workshop. Explore the attention economy and discover essential tools for steering your brand towards success in today's dynamic business landscape.


This is an in-person, no cost, event and registration is required due to limited seating. Your registration will ONLY secure your spot for all three workshops in the morning session. NOTE: you must sign up for lunch and afternoon sessions separately.

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12:00 Lunch with a Presentation

Keynote Speaker: Brian Croft

Retaining Talent: Learn How to Create a Space That Challenges the Comfort Zone Without Expanding it

Description: In this presentation, we delve into the critical role of creating a conducive space for growth within organizations. As business leaders, it's ingrained in our ethos to nurture and develop our teams, often through challenging them to step out of their comfort zones. However, what if the key to unlocking potential lies not in expanding the comfort zone, but in creating it?

This is an in-person, no cost, event and registration is required. We kindly ask that you sign up ONLY if you plan to attend, helping us minimize food waste. Your registration will ONLY secure your spot for the lunch. NOTE: you must sign up for the morning and afternoon sessions separately.

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Power of Collaboration - Afternoon Session (1 - 5pm)

1:00 pm Importance of Networking and Collaborations - You Shouldn’t Do it Alone

Explore the vital role of networking and collaboration in supporting small businesses. Learn how the SBDC, local Chambers and Economic Development leaders can provide valuable resources and connections for entrepreneurs.

2:00 pm Enhancing Access to Capital - Leveraging Programs and Resources

Discover strategies to optimize financial access for small businesses through effective utilization of various programs and resources.

3:00 pm Lessons Learned in Business. What I Wish I Would Have Known

Gain valuable insights from seasoned entrepreneurs as they reflect on their personal journeys, sharing pivotal lessons and experiences to empower entrepreneurs.

4:00 pm Empowering Small Businesses: Leveraging Partnerships for Success

Explore the power of the available resources for small businesses. Learn how to establish partnerships and leverage these programs for growth and sustainable development.


This is an in-person, no cost, event and registration is required due to limited seating. Your registration will ONLY secure your spot for the four workshops in the afternoon session. NOTE: you must sign up for lunch and morning sessions separately.

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SBDC Day Reception

5:00-6:30 pm
Proclamation from the City of Carbondale and SBDC Impact Presentation with Success Stories and What’s to Come. (Registration not required open to the public)