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1.  ATTEND HOW TO START A BUSINESS IN ILLINOIS – This seminar goes over the basics on starting your business including licensing, forms of organization, writing a business plan, finding financing and more.

2.  EVALUATE YOU & YOUR IDEA – Is your idea feasible?  Can you make money from this venture?  Are you ready to own a business?

3.  MARKET RESEARCH – Test the viability of your idea by researching the market, industry and competition.

4.  WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN – This is an essential step and critical for the planning and success of your business.

5.  FINANCING – How will you finance your business?  Banks and other lenders or investors will often require a written business plan.

6.  BUSINESS NAME – Pick a name that best reflects your business.

7.  BUSINESS STRUCTURE – How will your business be structured – Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC or Corporation?

8.  BUSINESS REGISTRATION - What are the steps to legally register a business?

9.  PROTECT YOUR IDEA – Does your business have proprietary information that you want to protect?

10BUSINESS INSURANCE - An overview of the various insurance products to protect your business from unexpected events.

11.  BANK ACCOUNT – How do you open a bank account?

12HIRE EMPLOYEES - What are your responsibilities as an employer?